Four Years Later…The Experiment is Still Working!

I officially started this experiment four years and 2 days ago. I can’t believe it has been four years since I have worked for someone else in a J.O.B. and am incredibly grateful for this amazing, on-going journey and experiment that my husband and I have been living.

It is a Saturday today, but Saturdays to me feel just the same as Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays because they are no different. I still wake up each day, no matter what day of the week, with the same freedoms and with infinite choices on how I can or will spend my day.

I recently invested in a whole bunch of ‘how to’ books, so I could learn how to do things that five years ago I would have never of had the time. Such as, sewing, knitting, croquet, star gazing, permaculture gardening and more. My interests are expanding these days, as I suppose naturally happens when you have a significant increase in leisure time.

Some people may argue that if you have leisure time 100% of your time, you will start to take it for granted. Well I can tell you that after four years of 100% leisure time I have not reached a point where I am ungrateful, take it for granted or long for ‘work’. In fact, I seem to have become more and more grateful every day for my lifestyle; and when I choose activities to spend my time it is never ‘work’ because I choose things that interest me and that I want to do.

I am now a far cry from when I was a city dweller. Back then I spent so much time at work and going to and from work that I had such a small amount of leisure time each week; and when I did, i had to clean the house, do groceries, go to the bank and run all those errands I couldn’t do when I was at work. Even when I did chose more leisure-like activities in the city, they were always limited to what was on offer: movies, eat, drink, party or try and find some parks to be with nature. Back then I NEEDED meditation to cope with the lifestyle, but did not have much time to meditate. Now, every day is a meditation; and is filled with inner peace, joy and gratitude.

The other day a friend came to visit us on our farm and asked my neighbour if she ever meditates. Her answer was, “every day is a meditation”. She is also living a life without work and loving it. In fact, there are six of us here in our community living this life of awesomeness. So now you can’t say that ‘I’m just lucky’; because along with my community, I know loads of people who are loving living without work, and thriving in their lifestyle.

For a change, I write this blog entry the old fashioned way: with pen and paper, as I lay on our couch under a big old thorn tree, the sun twinkling down on me through its outstretched branches. My beloved chickens roam around my feet, birds harmonise joyously in the surrounding trees and the wind gently caresses my hair and my skin. This moment could not be more perfect. My whole days are filled with moments such as these. I am truly blessed.


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