Day 1 & 2 of the LWW Experiment (30 – 31st May 2009)

The day finally arrived: both my 32nd birthday and day 1 of our LWW Experiment. We were pumped!We’d finished cleaning the house, squeezed everything into our backpacks that we wanted to take with us, and received our full bond back and put it in the bank.We had to pack and repack(and repack) our backpacks because they were so jammed with all the things we thought we needed; only to find that we couldn’t close the bags… or pick them up.

live without work

Day 1 – Waiting for the train to take us to the ferry (to take us to Bowen Island)

We had finally settled on the ‘essentials’, and when it came to donning the backpack so we could head to the train station; the weight of my pack pulled me over backwards onto the ground. Uh-oh! And we have to traipse across the world with this weight? I couldn’t even get the pack on without help! Unfortunately it was a little late to come to this realisation since we had to get on our way to Bowen Island.

Apart from the backpack issues, we were ready for our adventure. We’d had 1 ½ months to plan it, and as this day crept closer and closer, we became more and more excited.

We were on such a high as we started day one of our adventure. We were positively beaming! We started documenting our experiment from the moment we heaved our backpacks on. I had thought that it would be an awesome thing to track our progress on a blog; but unfortunately it kind of fell flat as we got so immersed in our adventure. However, I’m finding that blogging about our journey now gives me the benefit of hindsight and extra detail that I can add to each post in regards to what was to come.

live without work

BF waiting for the train

So we walked to the train station, caught the train to the ferry, caught the ferry to the island; and were picked up by a friend of my colleague when we arrived. This friend had no idea what we looked like; however he said we were quite easy to spot as he was aware of our experiment; and we were the only backpack clad beaming couple that emerged from the ferry.

live without work

The ferry approaching the beautiful Bowen Island

We spent the rest of my birthday socialising with my colleague and his other clients, partying late into the night and even trying our hand at midnight basketball – a challenging sport as you have to ‘guess’ where the hoop is, and where your opponent is because it was pitch dark!

live without work

Partying with our friends on the eve of my birthday, Bowen Island

We stayed the night with our friends and the following day was quite magical. It involved assisting with the process of catching crabs; involving catching mussels to catch small fish to eventually catch the crabs.

live without work

Having a drink on the deck over looking the bay

The scenery of this place was absolutely stunning! The house was right on the water, with a jetty that enabled fishing, swimming, boating and more.

live without work

BF and friend diving off the pier

After eating, a spot of fishing and a dip in the water; we took a hike through the beautiful virgin forest, swinging freely on their rope swing; before finally getting a ride to our WWOOF hosts.

And wow. Just when we thought the day had been perfect, here we were pulling up to the amazing and elaborate gates of our hosts. This looked like the entrance of millionaires! My friends were so excited for us and what we had in store as they drove us up the winding, paved, tree-lined driveway to the main house; which looked like a mansion! Not at all what we were expecting from WWOOFing! I guess organic farmers aren’t poor and living basic lives like I had thought. At least not THIS host.

live without work

BF dancing on the beautiful driveway leading to our WWOOFing hosts.

We were introduced to our new hosts and the dogs (some scary and aggressive, some sweet and cuddly); shown around the place briefly, and then shown to our room; which was kind of like a hotel room with a double bed, ensuite, and balcony overlooking the farm and further out to the ocean on the other side of the island. We could not believe our luck!

live without work

BF & I on the balcony of our room, with the main house in the background

Our first day of WWOOFing would begin at 7.00am the next morning.

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