About Being Jobless

This is not one of those typical “get rich quick”, “retire young” websites that are selling money-making schemes and claiming riches to be the ultimate “happy-maker”.

No. Quite the opposite in many ways. The only thing I see this site as having in common with “get rich” sites is that this site is about creating your freedom and sovereignty. But with key differences: i.e., following your dream, whatever that may be and living a simpler, more satisfying life that is FREE. Freedom means different things to different people. To me, freedom is waking up without an alarm clock and doing with your day whatever the heck you like! This is how my life has been since my 32nd birthday on 30th May, 2009.

Can’t comprehend it? Just try. How would your day look and feel like if you woke up when your body had enough sleep, you had nowhere you needed to be, nothing you needed to do, and no-one you needed to see? What would you do with your day?

Some people might be thinking at this point that they’d be bored without their job or if their diary wasn’t filled. If this is your thought process, my message to you is this: a free life is not for sissies. Nor is it for people whose life is driven by the latest fashion, clubbing, hot spots to be “seen” or who spends their life in front of a tv or computer screen (unless of course you are not happy in this life of yours).

No. This life is for those people who are bored with the every day mundane, who feel there must be more to life. Who love nature and learning ne things. People who despise having to go to work  by someone else’s clock just to pay bills, who longs for freedom of choice, who can’t find a career in the corporate world that satisfies them, whose tired of conforming to every day society with clothing and discussions about things that aren’t important (i.e. sports, soap operas, movie stars etc.).

If this paragraph hit a chord with you, then this blog is for you. This is where I started my journey. My hope is to inspire you to follow your heart and the guidance of your ever patient spirit, to seek out truth and freedom and to live a life that is truly fulfilling, joyful and free.

May my experiences of breaking from the shackles of society, my spiritual journey as well as physical and my biggest lesson - to trust oneself and the universe – inspire you to follow your own inner yearnings and turn your life into a ‘break-free’ experiment of your own; where you, too, can learn and experience what it is to like to stop working and start living.

I don’t normally use this word in my every day speech; however, for some reason it feels fitting to finish here with it: